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China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI), a quasi-government organization directly under the State Administration for Market Regulation of the P. R. China (SAMR), is the only national level scientific research institute for special equipment. CSEI undertakes important social responsibility and plays irreplaceable role in the basic, practical, and comprehensive scientific research for the safety, energy efficiency and safety technology development for special equipment.

"Special Equipment" refers to boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, elevators, cranes, passenger ropeways, large amusement devices, and non-road vehicles. CSEI constantly devotes herself to the cause and safety quality of special equipment and related products, contributing to the safety production, science and technology development, and prosperous and sustainable development of our society. CSEI provides technical support to the government for legislation and legal enforcement by means of advanced technology, fine equipment, stringent management and reliable quality.

CSEI keeps contact with government departments in charge of safety, academic institutions and inspection agencies in more than 40 countries around the world, and maintains close cooperation relationship with well known standards institutions and inspection agencies; continuously contribute to the development of foreign exchange and cooperation.

Mission & Vision

Since CSEI came into being, with the support of competent superior authorities, and the endeavor of CSEI staff, CSEI sticks to the policy of “independent and impartial position, keeping scientific and rigorous working style, strictly abiding by contract, providing reliable and high efficient service” and made unremitting efforts to promote special equipment safety and energy conservation, and has made accomplishments in various aspects. Nowadays, CSEI has been evolved into a leader for special equipment technology development, providing platform for first-class inspectors and act as the contact window for foreign exchange.

In the future, CSEI will carry forward its commitment in the fields of special equipment to open up new dimensions and promote the special equipment development and try to make itself the first-class inspection and research institute internationally.


Functional Department

1. General Office

2. Department of Quality Management

3. Department of Science and Technology Management

4. Department of Human Resources (Senior Cadre Office)

5. Department of Financial Management

6. Department of Resources Supporting

7. Office of the Party Committee

8. Office of the Discipline Inspection Commission

Business Division

1. Division of Boilers

2. Division of Pressure Vessels

3. Division of Pressure Pipelines

4. Division of Gas Equipment

5. Division of Amusement Rides

6. Division of Elevators

7. Division of In-plant Motor Vehicles

8. Division of Hoisting Equipment

9. Division of Passenger Ropeways

10. Division of Hazardous Chemical Equipment

11. Division of Petrochemical Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Research Department

1. Research Department of Intelligent Testing Technologies

2. Research Department of Materials

3. Research Department of Structures

4. Research Department of Nondestructive Testing Technologies

5. Research Department of Chemical Analysis

6. Research Department of Energy Saving Technologies

Support Division / Department

1. Division of Survey and Certification

2. Division of International Cooperation

3. Research Department of Development Strategies

4. Research Department of Technical Regulations

5. Center of Safety Management Technologies (SELO of SAMR)

6. Center of Risk Monitoring Technologies (Accident Investigation Center of SAMR)


Approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Center of Boiler and Pressure Inspection and Research (CBPVI) was founded in October 1979, directly under the former Ministry of Labor. The China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision took charge of CBPVI in July 1998.

After the reshuffle of the State Council in April 2001, CBPVI became the subsidiary institution under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ).

In 2004, CBPVI changed her name to China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Center (CSEI).

In 2007, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Center changed her name to China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI).

After the reshuffle of the State Council in March 2018, CSEI became the subsidiary institution under the State Administration for Market Regulation of the People's Republic of China (SAMR).

Business Scope

CSEI is a semi-governmental body that regulates and provides safety services to special equipment and its components, spare parts, safety accessories, and materials.

CSEI provides a variety of safety services to domestic and international customers, including inspection, supervision, safety assessment, failure analysis, R&D, accident investigation, manufacture licensing, import and export inspection, training and education, project supervision, technical consultation, ISO system certification, publication, information sharing, regulation and standard research and formulation, and academic/technical exchange activities.

CSEI consistently devotes itself to the cause of safety engineering; persistently renders service for safety production, social prosperity and sustainable development in the field; constantly provides technical support in formulating and implementing governmental regulations. CSEI has been doing its best in cooperation with its counterparts at home and abroad.

Human Resource

By 2021, CSEI has more than 1300 employees, and over 500 are professional and technical workers, including 212 senior engineers. Among them, 76 employees have obtained doctoral degrees, and more than 340 have master’s degrees, and 288 people have NDT qualification holding 968 NDT certificate items in total.


     As a result of twenty years' efforts, CSEI has been playing a leading role and become the top authority in the field of safety engineering in China,

Our achievements:

R & D and Standard Formulation

By itself or in cooperation with other bodies, CSEI is engaged in the standard formulation and revision, and R&D about boiler safety engineering.

Inspection and Safety Assessment
CSEI has completed fabrication and installation quality supervision, third party inspection, import and export inspection, periodic inspection and safety assessment for more than 400 key projects

Qualification Review
CSEI has completed over 3000 key projects of Import Quality Safety Licensing for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturer, ISO9000 Certification Review, Safety Registration for Piping Component Manufacturer, Qualification Review for Piping Fabricator, etc.

Technical Exchange and Training
CSEI established good relations with many authorities, inspection agencies, and academic organizations at home and abroad.
Sponsored over 200 national training programs, international conferences and various seminars.

Over 200 publications including:
General Comment on Chinese and International Safety Supervision and Code and Standard of Boiler and Pressure Vessel,
Atlas of Typical Structure of Boiler and Pressure Vessel,
Code and Standard Collection of Boiler and Pressure Vessel,
The Collection of Safety Assessment and Explosion Prevention of In-service Boiler and Pressure Vessel,
Development of Acoustic Emission,
English-German-Japanese-Chinese Dictionary of Boiler and Pressure Vessel,
Progress on Safety Engineering Development of Boiler and Pressure Vessel in China

1China Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety (bimonthly),
1China Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety (English, annually), etc.
1At present, China Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safetyhas become one of the magazines that have the largest circulation and influence in the field of boiler and pressure vessel safety in China.


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