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Work Meeting of Inspection & Informatization Sub-committee of CPASE Held in CSEI

Published:6/26/2018 10:0:56  Publisher:admin

Work meeting of inspection & informatization sub-committee of CPASE was held in CSEI on May 29. 25 people including Jia Guodong, director general of SESA, Gao Jixuan, deputy director general of SESA, Zhang Jianrong, deputy inspector of SESA, Du Shunxue, director of inspection division of SESA, Lin Shuqing, chairman of Inspection & Informatization Sub-committee and president of CSEI, and the representatives from Inspection & Informatization Sub-committee attended the meeting, which was hosted by president Lin.

President Lin firstly summarized recent year’s work and achievements of sub-committee, meanwhile arranged and assigned the tasks of this year. When discussing the work of inspection, he emphasized that the sub-committee should fully play a role of think tank, truly reflect the industry will and appeal, take the development of industry and country as the starting point, have long-term consideration and offer suggestions for inspection work.

Deputy director general Gao Jixuan hoped the committee members to speak actively in the meeting and discuss together how to better strengthen the safety work of special equipment. The attendees fully discussed main topics. In the end, director general Jiao Guodong made concluding remarks, he emphasized special equipments involve the safety issues, everyone should work in one heart to contribute for the development of special equipment safety cause.




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