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CSEI Won National May 1st Labor Certificate

Published:6/11/2018 10:45:47  Publisher:admin
"May 1st" International Labor Day ceremony and commendation conference for National May 1st Labor Award, Medal and the National Workers" Pioneer were held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing recently. A total of 99 advanced units won the National May 1st Labor Certificate, 697 advanced individuals won the National May 1st Labor Medal, and 799 advanced grassroots units won the honorary title of National Pioneer Workers. China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute (CSEI) won the National May 1st Labor Certificate, the only unit of the central government organ that has won this honor.

The National May 1st Labor Certificate is the honorable title given by All-China Federation of Trade Union for the enterprises, institutions and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

CSEI is a state-level scientific research institution in the field of safety and energy saving of special equipment, such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, elevators, cranes, passenger ropeways, large amusement devices, and non-road vehicles. Since its establishment, CSEI has broken through more than 200 key techniques and obtained 148 scientific research awards, including 2 major scientific and technological achievement awards of the National Key Scientific and Technological Program, 8 national scientific and technological progress awards, and 26 provincial and ministerial first prizes. Through the transformation of technological achievements, major technical problems in the electric power sector, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, and military industries have been solved. These technological achievements provided powerful technical support and security guarantees to West-East Gas Transmission, Sichuan-East Gas Transmission, South-to-North Water Diversion and nuclear power plant construction, Beijing Olympic Games, APEC Summit, G20 Summit and The “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum and CCTV Spring Festival Evenings. 

In recent years, CSEI has led and organized the formulation and revision for 99 safety technical codes of special equipment, over 350 national and industrial standards, undertaken special key work such as the rectification of hidden dangers in oil and gas transmission pipelines, the renewal and renovation of old elevators, and supported the completion of database construction for special equipment accidents investigation and survey & assessment work. CSEI plays an important role in supporting government supervision, maintaining industry order, ensuring production safety and public safety.

(Information from State Administration for Market Regulation)



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