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CSEI held legal knowledge competition to celebrate the Youth day

Published:5/29/2018 10:25:38  Publisher:admin
This year marks the 99th China Youth Day. China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as CSEI) held a legal knowledge competition to celebrate this holiday. Almost 60 young staffs from 19 divisions of CSEI have participated in this competition.

Based on legal knowledge, the competition scope ranged from China laws and regulations to CSEI’s management rules and China current affairs. Under the heavy workload, all teams took full use of the spare time and actively prepared for the competition. It created a good competition atmosphere to encourage study. After the preliminary competition, the top 6 teams went through to the final competition. The final competition was interesting and full of passion, attracted almost 200 audiences to watch on site.

Not only did this legal knowledge competition provide a stage for CSEI young staffs to show their talents and challenge themselves, but also promote to establish a good habit of respecting, learning, using and complying laws. It also assisted to improve legal awareness and legal literacy of CSEI staffs.



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