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Taiwan Boiler Association Delegation Paid a Goodwill Visit in CSEI

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    On Oct. 27th, Mr. Wang Qinggang, the newly-elected President of Taiwan Boiler Association, and his delegation visited CSEI. Mr. Lin Shuqing, President of CSEI , Mr. Liu Sanjiang, Vice President of CSEI, Persons in charge of General Office and International Appraisal & Assessment Division met Mr. Wang Qinggang and his delegates.

    First, Mr. Xu Hongyi, Director of International Appraisal & Assessment Division, introduced the basic condition of CSEI to visitors, including historical evolution, organization setting, business scope, characteristic services, recent progress, etc. Mr. Lin Shuqing, President of CSEI, introduced the status and trends of institutional reform of special equipment inspection organizations on the mainland, and the plan of organizing Special Equipment Inspection Group of China. The mainland inspection market will be progressively liberalized, break the regional barriers and introduce competitive mechanisms. CSEI will take this opportunity to set up a large public-good and nonprofit inspection group linked up by assets, and eventually grow into an internationally competitive and comprehensive inspection organization. The visitors interacted about this subject in-depth and shared operational experience of Taiwan Boiler Association as non-profit group.

    Taiwan Boiler Association, founded in 1977, has been assisting CSEI to organize audit teams for performing appraisal and assessment in Taiwan since the system for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing was established. At the meeting, Mr. Lin Shuqing, expressed his gratitude to Taiwan Boiler Association for their support and help over the years, and sincerely hoped the exchange and cooperation between two sides could be continuously deepended and get much more to achieve. (Information Source: International Appraisal & Assessment Division, CSEI)    



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