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Special Equipment Insurance Work Symposium Held in Beijing

Published:2019-07-01 14:10:44.0  Publisher:admin

Special equipment insurance work symposium held in Beijing recently. At the meeting, China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute (CSEI) and People’s Insurance Company of China(PICC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement and  jointly set up "Special Equipment Insurance Joint Laboratory". Relevant responsible persons for Special Equipment Safety Administration Bureau (SESA) of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), CSEI and PICC attended the meeting.

In recent years, SAMR has actively promoted the introduction of insurance mechanism in the field of special equipment, implemented the pilot work of insurance reform focusing on elevators, which has achieved some effects. In 2018, the office of State Council has further put forward the key task of "developing elevator liability insurance actively ". To explore the elevator insurance mode, SESA and bank insurance regulatory commission together with other departments have actively guided the pilot work of innovation mode "insurance + service", which was strongly supported by the insurance industry, the special inspection industry and widely recognized by the society.

SESA responsible person said that this cooperation took important measures to implement the requirement of the office of State Council on the elevator quality safety work and national special equipment safety supervision deployment to further strengthening the special equipment insurance mechanism research and promoting special equipment safety supervision innovation. This is a deep cooperation between national insurance companies and national special equipment technical institutions. We hope that both sides can take the special equipment insurance joint laboratory as a research and practice platform to promote the innovation of special equipment insurance legal system and mechanism, and jointly contribute to the development of China"s special equipment insurance industry.

The responsible person of CSEI said that the cooperation between the two sides will push the insurance of special equipment to a new level. Both sides should strengthen scientific research cooperation and carry out pilot work to make steady headway in the innovation of the insurance model. He said that two sides will strive to provide high-quality service for enterprises, set standards for the industry and provide strong supports for government supervision, and jointly create a new situation in the insurance work of special equipment.



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